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Black Literature

Preliminary List of Books and Pamphlets by Black Authors Sent to
The Exhibit of American Negroes

The following is a bibliography of books and pamphlets by black authors exhibited at the Paris World's Fair. It is transcribed from Daniel Murray's Preliminary List of Books and Pamphlets by Negro Authors for Paris Exposition and Library of Congress.

Books And Pamphlets By Negro Authors

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Author Title Published
Allen, Richard, Autobiography. Philadelphia, 1888.
Allen, Richard, Autobiography. Philadelphia, 1793.
Anderson, Matthew, Presbyterianism.  
Anderson, William, Appointed.  
Anonymous, Narrative of Joanna. 1838.
Armstrong, J. H., What Communion Hath Light with Darkness. Philadelphia, 1894.
Arnett, Benj. W., Life of Paul Quinn.    
Arnett, Benj. W., Speeches and Addresses of Negroes, collected and published. 15 vols.  
Arnett, Benj. W., Orations and Speeches, J. M. Ashley.  
Ayler, J. C., Guide Lights. Princeton, 1887.
Bailey, Ida D., Atlanta Souvenir Cook Book. Washington, D. C.
Beadle, Saml. Alfred, Sketches from Life in Dixie.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., The Boy Doctor.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., History of British West Indies.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., Future of the American Negro.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., The Southland.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., Africa, the Hope of the Negro.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., Life of Toussaint L'Overture.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., Poems.  
Benjamin, R. C. O., Historical Chart of Colored Race.  
Bias, J. J. Gould, Synopsis of Phrenology.  
Bell, J. Madison, Poems. Philadelphia.
Bibb, Eloise, Poems. Boston, 1895.
Binga, A., Sermons. Richmond, 1889.
Black, Andrew, Two Roads. Sumpter, S. C.
Blackwell, G. L., Model Homestead.  
Blyden, Edward, Liberia's Offering. London, 1862.
Blyden, Edward, Christianity, Islam and the Negro.  
Blyden, Edward, From West Africa to Palestine.  
Booth, C. O., Plain Theology for Plain People.  
Bowen, J. W. E., Africa and the American Negro.  
Brent, Linda, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.  
Brooks, Chas. H., History of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows. Philadelphia, 1893.
Brown, Margaret, French Cook Book. Washington, D. C., 1886.
Brown, William Wells, The Black Man. New York, 1863.
Brown, William Wells, The Negro in the Rebellion. Boston, 1867.
Brown, William Wells, Clotelle. Boston, 1867.
Brown, William Wells, The Rising Son. Philadelphia, 1874.
Brown, William Wells, Three Years in Europe. London, 1852.
Bruce, H. C., The New Man.  
Campbell, Jabez P., Echoes from the Cabin, etc.  
Campbell, R., My Mother Land.  
Cannon, N. C. W., Rock of Wisdom.  
Carson, Hannah, Glory in Affliction. Philadelphia, 1864.
Caruthers, Poems.  
Chesnut, Chas. W., The Conjure Woman.  
Chesnut, Chas. W., Life of Frederick Douglass.  
Chesnut, Chas. W., Wife of His Youth, etc.  
Clark, Peter H., History of the Black Brigade.  
Coleman, L. H. N., Poor Ben. Philadelphia, 1889.
Coleman, W. H., A Casket of Pulpit Thought. 1889.
Coleman, N. and Coffin, A. O., Native Plants of Marshall, Texas.  
Coker, Benjamin, Anti-Slavery Pamphlet. Baltimore, 1820.
Coker, Daniel, Anti-Slavery Pamphlet. 1810.
Cooper, Mrs. A. J., A Voice from the South. Xenia, 1892.
Coppin, Levi J., Key to Scriptural Interpretation.  
Coppin, Levi J., Relation of Baptized Children to the Church. Nashville, 1890.
Coston, W. H., A Freeman Yet a Slave.  
Councill, W. H., Lamp of Wisdom.  
Crogman, W. H., Talks for the Times.  
Crogman, W. H., Progress of a Race.  
Cromwell, John W., History of Bethel Historical and Literary Association. 1895.
Crosthwait, Wm. A., The Negro Problem.  
Crummell, Alex., The Greatness of Christ. 1871.
Crummell, Alex., Africa and America. 1861.
Crummell, Alex., Future of Africa.  
Crummell, Alex., Civilization the Primal Need, etc. 1898.
Cugoano, Ottobah, Narrative of Enslavement. 1787.
Davis, D. Webster, Poems.  
Delaney, Martin R., Principles of Ethnology. 1879.
Delaney, Martin R., Condition of the Colored People. 1852.
Delaney, Martin R., Life—  
Douglass, Fred., Life and Times, etc.  
Douglass, Fred., My Bondage and My Freedom.  
Douglass, Fred., Haiti.  
Douglass, Fred., Lynchings in the South.  
Douglass, Wm., Annals of the First African Church. Philadelphia, 1862.
Dube, John L., A Talk on My Native Land. 1892.
DuBois, Wm. E. B., Suppression of the Slave Trade, etc.  
DuBois, Wm. E. B., Philadelphia Negro.  
Dunbar, Paul L., Oak and Ivy.  
Dunbar, Paul L., Majors and Minors.  
Dunbar, Paul L., Lyrics of Lowly Life.  
Dunbar, Paul L., Uncalled.  
Dunbar, Paul L., Folks from Dixie.  
Dunbar, Paul L., The Hearthside.  
Dunbar, Paul L., Poems of Cabin and Field.  
Durham, John S., How to Teach History.  
Dyson, J. F., Richard Allen's Place in History.  
Dyson, J. F., Unity of Human Race, etc.  
Earle, Victoria, (Mrs. Matthews), Aunt Lindy. 1893.
Easton, William E. Dessalines.  
Embry, J. C., Digest of Christian Theology.  
Embry, J. C., Our Father's House.  
Equiano, O., Autobiography. Boston, 1837.
Flipper, H. O., Colored Cadet at West Point.  
Fortune, T. T., Negro in Politics.  
Fortune, T. T., Black and White.  
Foote, Julia A., Brand Plucked from Fire.  
Fredric, Frances, Fredric's Slave Life.  
Gaines, W. J., African Methodist in the South.  
Gaines, W. J., The Negro and the White Man.  
Gaines, D. B., Racial Possibilities.  
Garnet, Henry Highland, Pamphlet Addresses.  
Garnet, H. H., Garnet's Memorial Discourse. 1865.
Grant, A., The Literary and Historical Society, Georgia Conference.  
Green, A. R., Life of Rev. D. F. Davis.  
Gregory, J. M., Frederick Douglass, the Orator.  
Gresham, G. N., Mathematics, (textbook).  
Griggs, S. E. Imperium in Imperio.  
Grimke, A. H., Life of Charles Sumner.  
Grimke, A. H., William Lloyd Garrison.  
Hagood, L. M., Colored Man in the M. E. Church.  
Haley, James T., Sparkling Gems (poems).  
Holsey, L. H., Manual of Discipline.  
Hamilton, F. W., Conversations on the C. M. E. Church.  
Hamilton, F. W., Plain Account of C. M. E. Church.  
Harper, F. E. W., Iola Leroy. 1892.
Harper, F. E. W., Poems.  
Hayne, Jos. E., The Black Man.  
Hayne, Jos. E., Negro in Sacred History.  
Heard, Josie, Morning Glories. 1890.
Henson, Josiah, Father Henson's Story.  
Hood, J. W., One Hundred Years, etc.  
Hood, J. W., History of A. M. E. Z. Church.  
Hood, J. W., Negro in Christian Pulpit.  
Hood, J. W., Two Characters, Two Destinies.  
Howard, Jas. H., Bond and Free. 1886.
Jasper, John, "Sun Do Move."  
Jennings, Paul, Colored Man's Life of Madison.  
Johnson, E. A. (Mrs.), The Hazeley Family.  
Johnson, E. A. (Mrs.), Clarence and Corinne.  
Johnson, Edward A., School History of Negro Race.  
Johnson, Edward A., Negro in Spanish-American War.  
Johnson, Jas. H. A., The Pine Tree Mission.  
Johnston, H. T., The Divine Logos.  
Johnson, Wm., Prominent Colored Men of Kentucky.  
Keckley, Mrs. E., Behind the Scenes.  
Lampton, E. W., Sacred Dynamite on Baptism.  
Laney, Lucy C., Struggles for Freedom. 1890.
Langston, John M., Freedom and Citizenship.  
Langston, John M., From the Plantation to the Capitol.  
Leary, John S., Croatans of North Carolina.  
Lewis, R. B., Light and Truth. Boston, 1858.
Loguen, J. W., As a Slave and as a Freeman.  
Love, E. K., History of the First African Baptist Church.  
Lynk, M. W., Afro-American Speaker.  
McClellan, G. M., Poems.  
Magee, J. H., The Night of Affliction.  
Majors, M. A., Noted Negro Women.  
Menard, J. Willis, Lays from Summer Lands.  
Mixon, M. H., A Methodist Luminary.  
Mixon, M. H., Moth of Ignorance Must be Destroyed.  
Moore, Alice Ruth (Mrs. Dunbar), Violets.  
Moore, Alice Ruth (Mrs. Dunbar), Goodness of St. Roque.  
Moore, J. J., History of A. M. E. Z. Church. 1884.
Mossell, Mrs. N. F., Work of Afro-American Women.  
Mossell, C. W., Toussaint L'Overture.  
Myrick, D. J., Scripture Baptism. 1882.
Nell, W. C., Colored Patriots of the Revolution. 1855.
Anonymous, The Negro Pew. Boston, 1837.
Newsom, J. T. C., Know What You Want to Say, etc.  
Northrop, Solomon, Twelve Years a Slave.  
Ousley, Benj., Translation of Gospels and Acts.  
Paige, T. F., Twenty-Two Years of Freedom.  
Payne, Daniel A., Recollections of Seventy Years.  
Payne, Daniel A., Treatise on Domestic Education.  
Payne, Daniel A., History of A. M. E. Church. 1891.
Payne, Daniel A., Pleasures, and other Miscellaneous Poems. Baltimore, 1850.
Paynter, John H., Joining the Navy.  
Penn, I. Garland, Afro-American Press. 1891.
Penn, I. Garland, The Educator.  
Pennington, Jas. W. C., Pamphlets, Addresses.  
Perry, Rufus L., The Cushite. 1893.
Phillips, C. H., History Colored M. E. Church.  
Pope, Barbara, Storiettes.  
Proctor, H. H., The Negro and the War.  
Quadroon (anon.), A Colored Man Around the World.  
Randolph, E. A., Life of Rev. John Jasper. Richmond, 1884.
Randolph, Peter, Sketches of Slave Life. 1855.
Ransome, R. C., School Days at Wilberforce. 1892.
Ray, H. Cordelia, Lincoln (A Poem). 1893.
Ray, H. Cordelia, Sonnets. 1893.
Rector, John K., Chart of Negro Progress. 1898.
Rideout, Jr., D. A., Life of D. A. Rideout, Sr. 1891.
Riley, Jerome F., Philosophy of Negro Suffrage.  
Rowe, Geo. C., Thoughts in Verse. 1887.
Rudd, L. E., Catholic Afro-American Congresses. 1893.
Rush, Christopher, Rise and Progress of the A. M. E. Z. Church. 1892.
Sampson, John P., Temperament and Phrenology of Negro Race.  
Sampson, John P., Mixed Races. 1881.
Scarborough, W. S., First Greek Lessons. 1881.
Scarborough, W. S., The Birds of Aristophanes.  
Scruggs, L. A., Women of Distinction.  
Shorter, S. L., Heroines of African Methodism.  
Seaton, D. P., The Land of Promise.  
Sevelli, Capponi, Ham and Dixie.  
Shadd, Mary Ann, Condition of Colored People. Wilmington, Del., 1849.
Simmons, W. J., Men of Mark. 1887.
Smith, Mrs. Amanda, Autobiography. 1898.
Smith, C. S., Liberia in the Light of Living Testimony.  
Smith, C. S., Monogram of Bishop D. A. Payne.  
Smith, C. S., Sermons of Bishop D. A. Payne.  
Smith, C. S., Glimpses of Africa. 1895.
Smith, Jas. McCune, Influence of Climate on Longevity. 1846.
Smith, J. W., Sermons of Bishop S. T. Jones.  
Smith, L. H., Earnest Pleas.  
Stallings, The African Triumph. 1892.
Stevenson, J. W., Church Financiering. 1896.
Steward, T. G., Genesis Re-Read. 1885.
Steward, T. G., Life of Mrs. Rebecca Steward. 1877.
Steward, T. G., Gospel Among U. S. Soldiers. 1899.
Stewart, Austin, Life of Solomon Northrop.  
Stewart, Austin, Twenty-Two Years a Slave, Forty Years a Freeman.  
Stewart, T. McC., Liberia, the Americo-African Republic.  
Still, William, The Underground Railroad.  
Straker, D. Augustus, New South Investigated. 1888.
Straker, D. Augustus, Treatise on Larceny of Dogs.  
Tanner, Benj. T., Theological Lectures.  
Tanner, Benj. T., Outlines and Government A. M. E. Church.  
Tanner, Benj. T., Apology for African Methodism.  
Tanner, Benj. T., Dispensation in the History of the Church.  
Tanner, Benj. T., The Negro's Origin.  
Talley, Thos. W., A Natural Trinity.  
Taylor, C. H. J.  
Taylor, J. T., The Negro. Atlanta, Ga.  
Taylor, Marshall W., Plantation Melodies. 1883.
Taylor, Marshall W., Universal Reign of Jesus.  
Taylor, Marshall W., Life of Downey.  
Taylor, Marshall W., Negro Evangelist.  
Taylor, Marshall W., Life of Mrs. Amanda Smith.  
Thomas, I. L., Colored Man's Reply to Bishop Foster.  
Thorton, M. W., The White Negro. 1894.
Trotter, James M., Music and Some Highly Musical People.  
Truth, Sojourner, Sojourner Truth's Narrative.  
Turner, Bishop, H. M., Methodist Polity. Philadelphia, 1885.
Turner, Bishop, H. M., The Negro in All Ages.  
Turner, Bishop, H. M., Printed Speeches and Letters.  
Turner, Bishop, H. M., Catechism of the A. M. E. Church.  
Turner, Bishop, H. M., Hymn Book for A. M. E. Church.  
Turner, H. H., History of Good Samaritans, etc. 1881.
Vashon, Geo. B., Pamphlets, Lectures, etc.  
Walker, David, Walker's Appeal.  
Wallace, John, Carpet-Bag Rule in Florida. 1888.
Ward. S. R., Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro. London, 1855.
Ward, Saml. Ringgold, Occasional Papers.  
Washington, B. T., Black-Belt Diamonds.  
Washington, B. T., Future of the American Negro.  
Washington, B. T., Address at Opening Atlanta Exposition.  
Wayman, Alex. W., Cyclopedia of Methodism.  
Wayman, Alex. W., Life of Bishop Jas. A. Shorter.  
Wayman, Alex. W., My Recollections.  
Wheatley, Phillis, Poems. London, 1773.
Whitfield, Jas. M., Poems. Buffalo, 1853.
Whitman, A. A., A Man and Yet Not a Man. 1877.
Whitman, A. A., Twasinta's Seminoles. 1890.
Wilkes, L. E., Life of Frederick Douglass.  
Williams, D. B., Freedom and Progress. 1890.
Williams, D. B., Science and Art of Teaching. 1880.
Williams, Edward, John Brown (Poem). 1889.
Williams, Geo. W., History of Negro Race. 1882.
Williams, Geo. W., History of Negro Troops in Rebellion. 1888.
Williams, Geo. W., Negro as a Political Factor.  
Wilson, C. B., History of G. U. O. of Odd Fellows.  
Wilson, Jos. T., Black Phalanx.  
Wilson, Jos. T., Emancipation. 1882.
Anonymous, "Joshua."  
Anonymous, "Fifty Years."  


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