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Lead Chart

The lead chart from The Georgia Negro exhibit. The original is in color.
It was inked by hand by DuBois's students at Atlanta University.

In the 1901 Report for the Commissioner-General for the United States to the International Universal Exposition, Paris 1900, the following description of the charts in The Georgia Negro exhibit was provided:

Finally should be mentioned the results of the special studies carried out by Professor DuBois. These consisted of a series of charts showing the condition of the colored race in the State of Georgia. This State was selected as being the one with the largest negro population. These charts showed first the general distribution of the negro race in all parts of the world, then the distribution in the United States by State, and finally the conditions in Georgia in great detail. These latter charts indicated the growth of the negro population in the State by decades; its relative increase in comparison with that of the white race; migration to and from the State; the distribution of the negroes according to age, sex, and conjugal condition; the occupations of the negroes; the number who could read and write; the value of the property owned by negroes; the number of acres owned by them or being cultivated by them as owners or tenants; the value of farm implements, horses, and stock owned, etc.


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